Dr. Šrámková Petra


10/2005 Licence for private practice in internal medicine

11/2001 Endocrinology Of Obesity, IPVZ (Institute Of Postgradual Education In Medicine)


11/1998 Qualification attestation – Internal medicine

1989 – 1995 Charles University, Prague, Faculty Of Medicine, MD degree

1985 – 1989 Gymnasium Voděradská, Prague

Work Experience

2009 – now OB Clinic, Treatment Centre Of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases, specialist

internal, treatment of obesity, head physician

2002- now Endocrinologic Institute Prague, specialist internal, treatment of obesity,


2002 – 2009 Clinical Centre ISCARE Lighthouse, Diagnostic And Treatment Centre Of

Obesity, Prague, specialist internal, treatment of obesity

2001 – 2002 Centre Of Preventive Medicine, Third Faculty Of Medicine, Prague, clinical

work on the international NUGENOB (Nutrient-Gene Interactions In Human

Obesity) project

1999 – 2001 Maternity leave

1995 – 1999 Central Military Hospital, Prague – Department Of Clinical Oncology,

Department Of Internal Medicine

Membership of specialized section

IFSO – International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity

Czech Society for the Study of Obesity

Czech Medical society of JEP

Czech surgery society

The Nugenob Consortium – member of clinical investigator Group


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Dr. Petra Sramkova

Dr. Petra Sramkova